Sunday, August 31, 2008

Inaugural Post!

So I write my first blog post evaaa achy, tired, and hungover.  It feels kind of appropriate in a way, because I live a life of debauchery where I go out, get drunk, have Crazy City Fun, and then wake up at noon and blog all about it.  

That's a total lie.  But it was nice to go out last night before classes and my internship begin and by the weekend all I can do is bunker down with Weber and Durkheim.  I went to a friend-of-a-friend's housewarming party, and it was really fun, except for the fact that I forgot that five foot one, 125 pound girls who drink maybe once a month probably can't handle three shots of vodka in five minutes + a vodka and coke + a whisky and coke.  Sooo needless to say, while everyone else was socializing and walking around, I was in a bedroom next to the air conditioner struggling to stand up straight.  But Maddy and I did have a riveting conversation with freshman with headphones around his neck:

Maddy:  Nice headphones
Freshman:  Thanks, they're not actually attached to anything.
Maddy (incredulous):  Wait, you wore headphones as a necklace?
Freshman:  Yeah, I thought it looked cool.  I just wore them on the way here pretending to rock out.
Maddy (trying to comprehend):  Do you even have an ipod?
Freshman: No!
Maddy (disgustedly):  God, you are such a freshman.
We proceeded to call him Phones for the rest of the night.  

And so that was the night.  It was fun, even if it did remind me that I have more fun at parties when I can understand what is going on around me.  So today I'm taking it easy, resting the foot that I'm afraid I may have irreparably damaged from walking miles in sandals a few days ago, applying to study abroad next semester, and maybe venturing to Sur La Table to buy a cast iron skillet.  No kitchen is complete without one.